Making a Pantyhose Pop Filter

Once in a while you find yourself without a necessary tool and you have to improvise. Many of you seasoned engineers are going to laugh at this one… because you’ve done it, too! I’m talking about none other than the pantyhose pop filter!

Amy and I were demoing a song real quickly tonight so we can give it to a drummer. Amy recorded the piano part and then we needed to lay down a scratch vocal. The studio is booked tonight, so we decided to record at the house. I had an Oktava mk219 laying around (which is great on female vox, by the way) and my modded digi002.

When I left the studio I forgot to grab a pop filter. So I had to remember back to the days when I didn’t even own one (and couldn’t afford one!). We made them. Pantyhose and a coat hanger is the trick!
1. Take the leg of the pantyhose and place the coat hanger inside it.
2. Stretch the hose all the way over the entire hanger.
3. Wrap the rest of the hose around the stem of the hanger and insert it in a separate mic clip.
4. There ya go… a pop filter for next to nothing. And it works every bit as well as an expensive one.
By the way, it’s seems to be a good rule of thumb to place the pop filter about 3 inches from the mic. That way the diversion of air has room to disperse away from the mic.


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